Anawim Under the Cross

In her sorrow under the cross, Mary offered her Son as a gentle and meek victim to the Divine justice of the Father. Now in these most painful times our Sorrowful Mother remains at the side of each one of us to form us in His likeness while she comforts us in all of our trials.

Saint John Paul II on the occasion of the 15th World Youth day, Vigil of Prayer, 19 August 2000, pointed out that, “Mary herself will not abandon us. She stands with us under the cross, always as our faithful Mother.” St. John Paul noted that we are to be the anawim of this Third Millennium: “Yes, though we are sinners like the rest of the world, we are to be converted in our hearts and remain faithful to our Lord’s promise. We must be ready to respond to this call—even at the cost of our lives.”

At the Cross, Mary provides us with the “strength of the Spirit” to enter the depth of her sorrow, which takes us into the Wounds of her Son, where with her we can bring forth a flood of grace, to open the hearts of souls for a new life.