The Anawim Community strives “to reflect the spirit of the poor of God, living in total dependence upon him through situations the world considers impossible.” The Anawim spirituality is embraced by those who seek to make their Catholicism relevant in their everyday lives, by “putting flesh” on the word of God in the daily liturgy. We are challenged to embrace the role of Mary at the foot of the Cross in openness and humility.

Our primary work is helping people to respond to the universal call to holiness as Vatican II stated (cf. LG 40). This is done through the formation of lay persons – both single and married – and priests, helping them to experience the interior life of a contemplative while living and working in the world. Through personal and communal prayer and through study, we foster a deeper interior life.

St. Mary's House of Prayer in Corning, NY.
Charismatic prayer group meeting

All of our Centers have Pondering the Word groups which have been established to break open the daily liturgical readings, applying them to our daily lives. These groups are offered at every center to the public – contact your local Center for information.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is important to our spiritual life. The different centers have different hours so please contact them.

Our publication, The Anawim Way, aids us in living the word daily. It helps us to come to a deeper understanding of who we are before God, inspiring us to reach out to others and to develop a deeper love for the Church.

As members of our local parishes, we serve the Church in various ministries. With a desire to make a difference in today’s world, we put special emphasis on serving the spiritually and physically poor in whatever way we can.

Barbara Brennan and Fr. Charles Sabella

At our Center in the Philippines, Anawim provides assistance with food, education and medical needs for disadvantaged families. Practical and spiritual supports are provided to couples who are seeking marriage. These families often lack the resources or understanding to pursue this sacrament.

Anawim also supports Courage, which is a support group for those struggling with homosexuality.